HEU National Championship #2
11 August - 14 September
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Portugal winners!
National Championship #2 (Big)

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Non-registered players

in this topic we will let you know all players who still didn't register yet on forum and therefore they are not allowed to play official matches. All of listed players will be deleted from their respective national team line-ups on the start of the transfer period 24.05.2017 at 00:00 CET. However, they can be re-added until end of the transfer period, same as any other free agents.

List of non-registered accounts:
[Image: bg.png] Mich
[Image: hr.png] Ministar
[Image: fr.png] Plank
[Image: fr.png] Razmo
[Image: nl.png] Yobo
[Image: pl.png] Mourinho
[Image: pt.png] Dark
[Image: pt.png] Mark
[Image: rs.png] river
[Image: rs.png] Ukrotitelj
[Image: sk.png] Gas
[Image: sk.png] Jaky
[Image: sk.png] Popi
All players from following list are removed from their national-team line-ups and are considered as free agents (their captains can add them if they want to, but they will be counted as transfer).

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