HEU National Championship #2
11 August - 14 September
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Portugal winners!
National Championship #2 (Big)

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National Championship #2
Nation: Albania
Flag: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/...5ZEH6L.gif
Captain: Asensio
Co-captain: org, douglas
Players: Sovjetiku, Xhon, vasquez, hoorsi, Fargo9

Nation : Scandinavia
Flag : https://i0.wp.com/about-history.com/wp-c...C640&ssl=1
Captain : Flaviu
Co-Captain : aMp , Levaldo Total (total player)
Players : Flaviu , aMp , StringerBell , A.Tuntija , Levaldo Total , Falk , Yawn , gado
Reason to be accepted : I want to point few things , 1. i know scandinavia is not a country its a region of more then one country, Denmark , Sweden , Finland , Norway , Faroe Islands , Iceland) but the same situation is also the United Kingdom where there is more then England.
Like Scotland , Northern Ireland , Wales. The second thing i want to point at is the reason why i apply. Its because there isnt enough nordic players from a respective country thats why the remaining active players who play haxball in the profesional haxball leagues like haxlife , feed me , Sky Haxball and so on want to get a chance to participate also in this tournament. 3rd thing is that in the big easy nations cup format we were accepted last year and i think we behaved nicely. I hope you guys (especially you ron) will reconsider and accept our application) Regards Captain of Scandinavia Flaviu
Nation: Austria
Flag: https://cdn.countryflags.com/thumbs/aust...nd-250.png
Captain: pNNg
Co-captain: NieVo
Players: pNNg, azet, maestro, N.Sahin, DavidAlaba#8, NieVo, Pago
Nation: Russia
Flag: https://cdn.countryflags.com/thumbs/russ...nd-250.png
Captain: Wind
Co-captain: Toll, ıIıIİıİIıımusic
Players: Wind, Toll, ıIıIİıİIıımusic, esca, mike, Dima
Hello dear members!

Check-in (or registrations) for National Championship #2 is officially closed now! Thanks to all teams who applied for captain position.
We will do some work we have now and we will make the decision tomorrow.
More information will come in another topic.

Thanks and good luck to all teams.
NC Admin Team.

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