HEU National Championship #2
11 August - 14 September
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Portugal winners!
National Championship #2 (Big)

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NC #2 Classification of national teams
Hello everyone,

since we got the full list of teams who will participate in the tournament after 6 teams passed the qualification stage - it is time now to sort the teams to pots for main stage and make the draw for National Championship #2 groups.

Since we had 24 teams last season, we agreed that the number is too large for this occasion and we decided to reduce the number of teams to 16. So main tournament will have 4 groups x 4 teams each where 2 best teams will qualify for the main stage. We classified the pots by last edition results and team strenght we seem it is at the moment. 

Graphic of pots classification for group-stage:

[Image: pots_group_stage_2.jpg]

POT 1 are teams from semifinal of the last edition, POT 2 are the teams who qualified for Quarterfinals and Israel who we think is the strongest Rd16 team, POT 3 are 4 best remaining teams who qualified for Rd16 and POT 4 are other teams. All of these teams played last edition as well so we can make a nice ranking table for edition 3.

The draw for Group-stage will be held today, 28.08.2018 at 21:30 CET on Pecik TV.
We will draw POTS 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 without any rules. Our host Pecik will draw first the team then group etc. Thanks in advance to Pecik for streaming and doing the draw (making it all possible). I think you know the rules of the draw more or less, so its no need to write them all over again.

Competition will start on Wednesday, 29.08, but we will give you more information after the draw.
Good luck to all teams.
NC Admin team!
Hello guys, 

last night we figured out the groups for the National Championship #2. Thanks again to Pecik for making all possible and sorry to everyone cuz we didnt produce commentator.

[Image: grupe.png] 

You can check the draw replay HERE.

Groups were drawn on most fair way where Pecik did the draw for team and group separated. I hope no-one can protest against anything here and we hope for a nice tournament with a lot of great matches. Each group will be played at one day starting with Group A on Thursday. Every wildcard match must be played and reported day before next group-stage match (just follow the deadlines).

Good luck to all teams and thanks again to Pecik!
NC Admin team!

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