HEU National Championship #2
11 August - 14 September
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Portugal winners!
National Championship #2 (Big)

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Rulebook National Championship
1. General information about Haxball Nations Cup
  • 1.1 General
  • 1.2 History
  • 1.3 Participants
  • 1.4 Amount of participating nations
  • 1.5 Classification of participating nations
  • 1.6 Forum accounts
2. Registration process
  • 2.1 Captain selection
  • 2.2 Who should check-in
  • 2.3 List of selected captains
  • 2.4 Code
  • 2.5 Additional info
3. Nations line-ups and transfers
  • 3.1 Valid line-up
  • 3.2 Line-up limitations
  • 3.3 Cuts and signs 
  • 3.4 Transfer rules
  • 3.5 Team disbanding
4. Tournament procedure
  • 4.1 Match days
  • 4.2 Live-stream
  • 4.3 Qualification stage
  • 4.4 Group-stage positioning
  • 4.5 Final stage 
5. Official matches
  • 5.1 Matches
  • 5.2 Team appearance 
  • 5.3 Host
  • 5.4 Match behavior
  • 5.5 Player usage and substitution
  • 5.6 Result and replay file
  • 5.7 Post match obligations 
  • 5.8 Protest
6. Wildcards

7. Restrictions
  • 7.1 Line-up restrictions
  • 7.2 Team restrictions
  • 7.3 Player restrictions
  • 7.4 Miss-behavior
  • 7.5 Forbidden assistances 
  • 7.6 Impersonating
8. Fair-play

9. Rule changes


1. General information about Haxball National Championship

1.1 General
The National Championship (NC) is an international Haxball tournament organized by haxballnc.com. Any respected nation with well-known players is welcome to participate in NC, same as any member of specific nation is welcome to apply for his nation captain. National Championship strictly disapprove any impersonating in order to take over somebody else's nation and play in NC under it. All nations who can't be confirmed as authentic are excluded from NC. Nations Cup is imagined to be the most popular competition in Haxball regarding national teams. Difference between National Championship and Nations Cup is map (big vs. big easy).

1.2 History
There are no previous editions of National Championship.

1.3 Participants
Any nation is allowed to sign up for National Championship. Only serious and authentic nations will be considered and approved to register and compete into the tournament. National Championship (NC) Admin team decide on their own which nations they accept after registration time expires. Deadline for registration will be given in first post, but can be modified if some of the nations ask for it. Admin team can reject any nation without any further explanation, but explanation will be given every time. We prefer all nations have their own haxball organization / league / community which can support their national team. 

1.3.1 Nations who are not considered as decent and well behaved with possible trouble makers in their management will be rejected from competition.

1.3.2 All unions of different nations are not allowed in National Championship. Only valid European nations will be accepted by admin team.

1.4 Amount of participating nations
Amount of nations in the group stage: -??- (depending on registration)
Amount of nations in the group stage: -24
Amount of nations in the final stage: -16- (single elimination)

The total amount of participating nations is decisive on registration and it may drop down some teams. In this case admin team will decide about the format and announce it individually. If more then 24 nations subscribe, small qualification tournament will be organized between lower-ranked nations.

1.5 Classification of participating nations
All accepted nations will be classified into group stage of the main tournament. If situation from 1.3.1 happens and more than 24 teams subscribe to NC, admin team will decide on their own which teams go to qualification stage, since ranking is still not available. The classification will be announced as separate news on the NC website.

1.6 Forum accounts
Every player who wants to compete in National Championship must create a unique forum account in order to confirm their participation and be able to confirm their authenticity. Players without a forum account are not allowed to play official matches. The name of the forum account does have to match full (or very similar) to ingame nickname.

2. Registration process

2.1 Captain selection
Anyone can apply to be captain of its nation. If there will be more applications for the same nation, admin members will decide on meeting (after check-in closes) who they trust more and find suitable for captain of specific nation. 

2.2 Who should check-in
Only players who live in the same nation or are strictly connected to it (already played, were born there or similar) can apply for captain position. Before applying consider yourself if you are able to do such a job, if you are respected member of your nation and if you have respect from admin members. To make long story short, anyone can apply for its own nation, admins chose the captain later.

2.3 List of selected captains
Will be delivered soon after the check-in close (during the next day). We can't say the correct time when, but you will find it on time in "News" topic.

2.4 Code
Every possible captain should use the following code:


2.5 Additional info
If more than one player apply to manage his own nation, admin team picks the official captain after registration close. When all captains are selected, admins will create line-up topics which completes the registration period.

3. Nations line-ups and transfers

3.1 Valid line-up
All national line-ups is valid from when one of the admin team members create a forum topic with name of specific country. That line-up has to be maintained during the full tournament with player names, signs and cuts. Captain is the person responsible for line-up, but he can name 1 or more co-captains in order to modify the line-up in his absence. Co-Captains can remove only players titled as "Player", no "Captain" or the other "Co-Captain(s)".

3.2 Line-up limitations
A national team has to consist at least of - 6 - players. The maximum allowed number of players is -12-. The line-up can be edited and has to be maintained during the entire tournament.

3.3 Cuts and signs
All cuts and signs of players must be reported in the relevant thread for specific nation. The listed name in this official line-up thread is the obligatory name the player has to use in-game. Only the captain or co-captain is allowed to manage the line-up. If a player wants to leave his/her team, he is allowed to cut himself in the line-up thread.

Please make use of the following pattern:

Addition: + player name
Removal: - player name

3.4 Transfer rules

3.4.1 All players will be listed in first post with link to their profile after they register, so no confirmation is necessary, just registration to forum. After any player register, his account has to be approved by admins or he can't play official match before. 

3.4.2 Initial line-up signed by national team captain in registration topic is first line-up of the team which can be edited until Sunday 23:59 CET before the first match week. After that all line-ups will be locked and adding players will be impossible until group-stage ends. Second transfer period is a week between group-stage and knock-out stage matches. Correct dates and times will be given in each tournament's schedule.

3.4.3 Number of allowed transfers in week between group-stage ends and knock-out stage starts is limited to -2- per each team.

3.4.4 No exceptions will be accepted in form of adding players during the group-stage, nor knock-out stage. We are sure that every nation has enough players to complete the tournament. Any request for adding new players can be signed up in Support thread, but as we already said, no exceptions will be allowed (not including semi-final and final).

3.4.5 Only players who live or have citizenship of specific country can be added for that country in order to play for it in National Championship. If player is not living in country he was added for in that moment, he has to prove his previous connections with his country to Admin team. If he doesn't manage to do so, he won't be allowed to compete, so Admin team takes the decision they will explain to public. All attempts to fake a way in some nations will be strictly punished.

3.4.6 Any player who leave or get cut from his national team after first match, is not allowed to play any matches more in running tournament. 

3.5 Team disbanding
If a team is disbanded during the running NC tournament or leaves it, all of their matches are judged as 0-3 deflosses. This rule also applies for matches, which have already been played. The time of the disbanding does not have any influence on this rule.

4. Tournament procedure

4.1 Match days
National Championship will be played on 2 different days during the week:

1) Monday: 21:00 CET
2) Tuesday: 20:00 CET + 21:00 CET

Regular match times are Monday and Tuesday 21:00 CET, but Tuesday is sometimes the day of Real Champions League, so default match time will be set to 20:00 CET on those days.

4.2 Live-stream
All live-stream matches will be announced individually together with live stream schedule. We can't have any influence on postponing the wildcarded matches, so please understand if we don't stream some of matches we play because it got postponed. Some matches will be streamed individually, without any previous note. For more information, follow Stream section.

4.3 Group-stage positioning
The place of teams in the tournament table is decided by the following factors:

Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

In case of the same amount of points, the direct comparison (head to head) is decisive.
In case of tied direct comparison, the goal difference is decisive.
In case of the same goal difference, the amount of scored goals is decisive.

The 1st and 2nd ranked team of each group is qualified for the final stage.
The four best 3rd ranked teams from all groups are also qualified for the final stage.

4.4 Final stage
Final stage of NC will consist of the best 16 teams from group-stage. Schedule to fill in 16 places is given in "Final stage" and different topic. Single elimination will be played in order to get the winner of Nations Cup competition.

5. Matches

5.1 Game settings
Modus: 4on4
Duration: 2 x 10 minutes (halftime: change sides)
Show room on list: no
Score limit: None
Time limit: 10mins (without overtime) [group stage]
Time limit: 10mins (with possible overtime) [qualification & final stage]
Stadium: Big

5.1.1 Overtime
The game settings in qualification stage and final stage are similar to the group stage settings, except the possible overtime. In case of a draw after the regular playing time, the "extra time" rule applies. The teams change sides again, the score limit is set to -0- and the time limit to -5-. The teams change sides again and -5- more minutes will be played. If after 10 minutes of "extra time" no goals were scored or the result is again a draw, the "golden goal" rule applies. The teams change sides again, the score limit is set to -1- and the time limit to -None-. The team which scores first will win and the match is immediately over.

5.1.2 Stadium
All official matches have to be played on "big" stadium. 3 man defense rule is applied during the whole tournament. Full explanation of 3 man-def rule is here.

5.2 Team appearance

5.2.1 If a team has less than -4- players, who are ready -15- minutes later than the default match time (or -15- minutes after the agreed time of a wildcarded match), the match is being judged as a 0-3 Defloss, if the opposing team does not grant any further delay.

5.2.2 Captain is person responsible for his team appearance. If he isn't able to be contacted during (and 15 minutes after the scheduled time), his national team will receive 0-3 defloss. In captain absence, co-captain(s) takes the responsibility to organize the team.

5.2.3 Only players added in line-up are allowed to play official match. IF non-added player is playing an official match, his team will receive 0-3 def loss for the match.

5.2.4 All players have to use same (or very similar) nickname as they use on haxballnc.com forum. If admins are not capable to identify the player, his nation will receive 0-3 def loss.

5.2.5 If team doesn't appear on -2- official matches, they will be disbanded from the competition with following penalties for next editions (to team and captain).

5.3 Host

5.3.1 Official partner of National Championship and haxballnc.com forum is haxhost.com (owner bobo). This means haxhost.com will provide host for official matches on request. 

5.3.2 All requests for hosting should be posted in match topic by one of the captains so bobo can prepare enough server hosts for specific matchday. Please use following pattern and don't attack any of admins at default time without any previous note.

5.3.3 If you decide not to use haxhost.com, then you should know that all matches should be played completely on neutral EU hosts. The teams should organize and test neutral hosts on their own. If two teams do not find an agreement.

5.4 Match behavior

5.4.1 Every player is responsible for his own performance during a match and should care for a trouble-free match procedure. For example its considered as unsportsmanlike behavior to start a match with a lagging player, who might demand pauses or fair-play all the time.

5.4.2 A match can only be cancelled, if the majority of all players in the room has performance problems. In such a case, the teams are allowed to stop the match and move to another host or even reschedule the match, if no replacement host is available. If both teams agree, the match can be fully restarted, otherwise only the remaining time will be played on the new host.

5.4.3 No players have right to insult any player. If you consider yourself insulted, please insult that to admin / in match topic / support section.

5.4.4 We ask you for the fair-play during the match. If visible lag goal is scored, player dropped or any similar non-expected situation happened, please pause the game and/or give the goal back to opponent. If you won't behave according to fair-play, admin team has the right to get it as miss-behavior and restrict you.

5.4.5 If a team leaves the haxball room during a match while they are in lead, the result is judged as a 3-0 defwin for the opposing team. If a team leaves the haxball room during a match while they are losing, the result at the moment of the leave counts + 3-0 add-on to opponent's result.

5.5 Player usage and substitution

5.5.1 Team can use as many players they want, whom are included in their line-up, during the match without any limitations in substitutions.

5.5.2 Both teams are allowed to substitute players at half-time or after a goal.

5.5.3 If a player is leaving or forced to stop playing, he has to notify the other players and the team is allowed to pause the match. If the player is not able to finish the running half, his team needs the approval of the opponent team for a substitution, otherwise the affected team has to continue in 3vs4 mode.

5.5.4 If player dropped during the game, teams has to wait them for min -3- minutes to come back. If he isn't coming back, team is allowed to substitute him, if opponent team captain confirms it.

5.6 Result and replay file

5.6.1 Every team is obliged to support the transmission of the result by recording every official match. For this the record function of haxball.com should be used, as the outcoming *.hbr files count as evidence for the final result.

The *.hbr files should be uploaded on one of the known haxball replay uploading platforms. The outcoming link of the uploaded replay has to be reported to the relevant forum section, where all teams find detailled instructions about the result reporting procecdure.

5.6.2 Only a complete replay ensures the proper transmission of the final result. If the entire replay or important parts of the required match media is missing, the match will be judged as a 0-3 defloss for both teams.

5.6.3 If a match was streamed, the saved video on the stream page can be used as evidence for the final result. Even though we beg the players to always record the match, as once in a while the saving process of the stream service provider can fail.

5.6.4 The entire match media has to be reported within -24- hours after the default match time. Wildcarded matches must be reported -24- hours after the last possible day. If both teams fail to report the result properly within -24- hours, the match may be counted as 0-3 defloss for both teams.

5.6.5 All goals that are scored without a following kick-off do not count. A kick-off is necessary, else it is considered as overtime goal and does not count.

5.7 Post match obligations

5.7.1 After the match, captain of wining team is obligated to upload the replay to suitable forum topic of the match. If match ended with the draw, captains can agree who will post it, or captain of "home" team will be responsible.

5.7.2 All replays has to be uploaded on 2 different sources (haxrec.com / ehaxball.com + 0x0c.tk). Admin team accept only these sources in replay checking.

5.7.3 All match reports should be done in next code

a) result:
b) line-ups:
c) replays:
d) stats:
e) aditional information:

5.8 Protest 
In case of rule violations it is possible to open an official protest. Leave a post in the result reporting thread of the relevant match, clarify why you want to protest against the final result and add the required evidence.  A protest has to be posted within -24- hours after the default match time (or agreed new match time, in case of a postponed match), else it will be rejected.

6. Wildcards

6.1 In order to postpone a match (change the default match date or/and time), a so called wildcard is necessary. Wildcarding a match practically means that a listed player of a team creates a thread in the relevant forum section, where the opposing team is informed about the postponement.

6.2 Amount of wildcards for each national team from the group stage until the end of the tournament: -3-

6.3 A wildcard is only valid, if it's posted at least - 2 - hours before the official kick-off.

6.3.1 If a wildcard is posted later - 2 - hours before start, the postponing team will be forced to play at the default match time. If the postponing team shows up with less than 4 players, the opposing team will win by 3-0 defwin.

6.3.2 If a wildcard has been posted after the deadline, the opposing team is allowed to accept the invalid wildcard and abstain from forcing them to play or taking a 3-0 defwin.

6.4 All wildcarded group stage matches have to be played a day before the next official match (23:59 CET on the last day).

6.5 A new date and time is only valid, if it has been suggested in the forum and is confirmed by the opponent. This confirmation has to be done not later than -2- hours before the new date, else this arrangement is not valid. However it is of course possible to play a game spontaneously and agree to a date in less than -2- hours before the new arrangement, if both teams confirm.

6.6 Once a new date and time is arranged properly, no team is allowed to cancel it without the opponents agreement. 

6.7 All wildcarded matches has to be agreed by both captains. If that doesn't happen and teams play the match, match will not be considered as valid and admins will decide about re-playing it.

6.8 Matches can't be played before scheduled default time.

6.9 For the semi-final and final matches, all teams will have free wildcards, no matter if they have any wildcard left or no.

7. Restrictions

7.1 Line-up restrictions

7.1.1 If a national team is having less than -6- players added (at least 5 confirmed!) in line-up at the time of official match, match will not be played and result will be added as 0-3 defloss for their opponents.

7.1.2 If a national team is trying to use a player who doesn't belong to their country (nation) and therefore cheat admin team and opponents, they will be restricted. It comes up on the special case and it is admins decision how much in the end.

7.2 Team restrictions

7.2.1 If a national team doesn't respect competition, admin team and opponents, they will be disbanded from the competition.

7.2.2 If a national team violate fair-play rules constantly as a group, they will be disbanded from the competition.

7.2.3 If a national team doesn't show up on match at all, they will get an official warning. After they do it again, they will be disbanded from the competition.

7.3 Player restrictions

7.3.1 If any player insult his teammates, admin team members or opponent team players during the match, in NC teamspeak or forum, he will get an official warning or in harder cases be restricted with 1 game suspension. After he does it again, he will be banned from the competition.

7.3.2 Any player should be aware of his internet power and ability to play in foreign hosts. If he is playing with lag on purpose and therefore pausing the game all the time, that will be considered as unsportsmanlike behavior and he will be restricted for 1 match.

7.3.3 Captain (and co-captain) obligation is to control their own team. If they fail to do so, they can be restricted with 1 match suspension, banned or replaced on their position. Decision is completely on admin team.

7.3.4 If player isn't able to confirm his identity via TS3, forum or something else, he will be restricted with 1 match suspension or possible ban, depends if admin team consider player is impersonated.

7.4 Miss-behavior
Before, during and after an official match all kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour is forbidden. That especially means insults, provocations, racism and lack of fairness. If an opposing team behaves in such way, the effected team is asked to mention that in the relevant result reporting thread by adding suitable evidence.
Furthermore you should instantly seek help from the admin team  to eventually solve the issue. A reasonable and respectful contact with each other is very important in the tournament. Therefore violations of this rule will be punished consistently. The punishment is completely up to the NC admin team and will be decided individually (check rule 7.3).

7.5 Forbidden assistances
All types of scripts like so called macro scripts are forbidden without any exception. If a player is caught using a macro script or any other forbidden assistance, he will be  banned from the NC tournament. All matches the player has played, will be judged as a 0-3 defloss to his team. Admin team decides about possible restriction or ban to his captain, depending if he knew and approved his player using macro.

7.6 Impersonating

7.6.1 Impersonating a player by using his nickname in official match is not allowed. If player is caught doing so, he will be banned for possible 1 or 2 seasons away from NC. Investigation about captain or impersonated player knowledge about this issues will be made and they will also take 1 or 2 seasons ban from NC.

7.6.2 Multi-accounting is now allowed in NC. It is possible that some players are sharing the same IP, but in that case, they have to let admin team know about their issue. If player is caught multi-accounting, permanent ban will be applied. If they are aware of their mistake and confess to admins, restriction can be judged as -1- season penalty.

7.6.3 Any other kind of non-listed player using on purpose will result with restrictions for captain and players involved.

8. Fair-play
Fair-play is the most important thing in this game and we all should do our best to provide fair and honest competition for ourselves and have fun in best possible way. 
- If game is paused, don't unpause without another team approval. It may lead to unfair goals while your opponent still wasn't ready to play. Game shouldn't be paused when your opponent is in the attack. If there is serious issue like player left the room or visible lag from the defender then it is fine, but if there is a thing you could avoid and wait for your own attack, please do so!
- Most important is avoid any insulting, racism, threats or any kind of behavior which can make other people feel bad. 

9. Rule changes
The NC admin team reserves the right to modify, add and remove rules at any time. Rule changes apply with immediate effect when they have been announced in the forum threads. Any of the restrictions who happen and are not listed, NC admin team reserve full right to add them in rulebook.
All other information about rules and similar stuff may be given in different topics as well.

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